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Menu Shortcode

The menu can be displayed using shortcode [contest-menu]. It will then be displayed on every page of the contest.
It may be modified further by, e.g., changing the colour in contest settings
All possible values – grey (default), blue, light-blue, green, light-green, brown, maroon, red, orange, dark-orage, yellow, purple, light-purple, pink, black, silver

Shortcode example


Contest Shortcode

Default shortcode for contest is [contest-page]. This shortcode is without other attributes

Shortcode example


Contest Width Shortcode

There are thousands of WordPress layouts of various colours and sizes. The plugin should adapt to these in most cases. But it may not in every case. This shortcode help you control width of the contest. This code have a start and end tag. Maximum value you can set is 1100 ( 1100 = 1100px).
Start Tag – [contest-width]
End Tag – [/contest-width]
Start Tag have only one, but required, attribute “width”. So if you wanna use this shortcode you must set the attribute width

Shortcode example

[contest-width width=”645″][contest-menu][contest-page][/contest-width]

Single Image Shortcode

If you wanna show single image, from photo contest, in your post/page use shortcode

You can also control image width using attribute “width”

Shortcode example

[contest-single-image id=”73″ width=”300″]

Rules & Prizes Shortcode

If you wanna show rules from specific contest, use special shortcode in your post/page
[contest-rules id=”CONTEST-ID” ]
where CONTEST-ID is the ID of the contest. This ID you will find in admin area “Photo Contest -> Contest” section

Shortcode example

[contest-rules id=”15″]